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Soil depth

What is Soil Depth?

Soil depth

Soil depth refers to the thickness of soil cover over hard rock or hard substratum below which roots cannot penetrate

It is directly related to

1. development of root system

2. water storage capacity

3. nutrient supply

4. feasibility for land leveling and land shaping

Classification of Soil depth

According to the Soil Conservation Division, New Delhi, following categories of soil have been mentioned on the basis of its depth

Very shallow

Soil depth is Less than 7.5 cm


Soil depth is between 7.5 cm to 22.5 cm

Moderately deep

Soil depth is between 22.5 cm to 45 cm


Soil depth is between 45 cm to 90 cm

Very Deep

Soil depth is between 45 cm to 90 cm

What are the effects of soil depth on irrigation?

Soil depth is also important for interpreting water storage capacity

Shallow soil

A shallow soil will require frequent irrigations because it has has limited moisture holding capacity

Deep soil

Deep soil will require less frequent irrigations because it has good moisture holding capacity

Further readings and references

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