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Importance of goats in Indian Agriculture

Goats have various qualities which make them very useful and important in Indian Agriculture.

They are –

Goats contribute nearly 35 percent of total meat production in India and nearly 3 percent of total milk production

Goats are very well Adapted to different climatic conditions due to which they can thrive in conditions where cows and buffaloes can not sustain

Being smaller in size – with larger surface area, well adapted to high temperature – arid areas

Areas such as the semi-arid areas with sparse vegetation, bushes, shrups – steeply sloped mountainous regions cannot be suited for cattle but are very well suited to goats

They have a Low cost of maintenance, short term return and low risk.-better suited for small
and marginal farmers.

Physical characters of different breeds in various regions are well adapted. to the local need like large size with longer legs to suit longer distance walk in high temperature areas and small size with shorter legs are found in humid areas

Goats have a special feeding habits with mobile upper lips and highly prehensile tongue can take foliage which are not available to other livestock species.

Goats have a Higher crude fibre digestibility.

Due to its prolificacy, short generation, regular breeding through out the year, short inter kidding interva, Goats have a high growth rate in population

Goats have moderate milk yield, (1.5 to 2.5 Litres) from poor quality pasture

Manure from 1 goat is sufficient to manure half an acre.

Goats have ability of high disease resistance

Goats are adaptable to any system of mananagement



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