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What is Spray Drift?

Spday drift agristudent.com

The airborne movement of spray droplets away from a treatment site during application of pesticides or insecticides in the form of spray is called as spray drift.

What is the significance of spray drift?

Spray drift is important because of the following effects it can have

It reduces the pesticide or insecticide applied to the target and can reduce the effectiveness of a treatmen

It has potential to damage nearby sensitive crops or can contaminate crops ready to

It may be a hazard to people, domestic animals, or pollinating insects

It can contaminate water in ponds, streams, and ditches and harm fishes or other aquatic plants and animals

What are the factors affecting spray drift?

Spray drift is affected by

Spray droplet size

This is the number one factor affecting spray drift.

The spray droplet size affects the spray drift in the manner that the smaller the droplets, the more likely they will drift.

Wind speed

The stronger the wind, the more will be the spray drift. 

Distance between nozzle and target plant or ground

The greater the distance, the more the wind will affect the spray.

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