Totipotency |

It is the Cellular Potency

Experiment proving totipotency

The inherent potentiality of a plant cell to give rise to a whole plant is described as cellular

This is a capacity which is retained even after a cell has undergone final
differentiation in the plant body

In plants, even highly mature and differentiated cells retain the ability to regenerate to a meristematic state as long as they have an intact membrane system and a viable nucleus

This is contradicting to animals, where differentiation is
generally irreversible

For a differentiated cell, to express its totipotency, it first undergoes dedifferentiation
followed by redifferentiation

The phenomenon of a mature cell reverting to the meristematic
state and forming undifferentiated callus tissue is termed ‘dedifferentiation’

The phenomenon of conversion of component cells of callus tissue to whole plant or plant
organs is called as ‘redifferentiation’


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