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wisetalk asked 8 months ago

which is the best country in the world for Agriculture progress according to you?

Best country for agriculture



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agristudent Staff answered 8 months ago

Israel is the best country in the world for agriculture..!
Israel has developed todays modern drip irrigation system. It is the country which has its major land occupied by desert but still Israel has managed to make huge development in agroculture and allied sciences

Flashpoint answered 8 months ago

I am a business man and a young farmer and i think that makes me eligible to answer this question. I think the best country in terms of agriculture in the world is INDIA..! It has the biggest agriculture educarion and research system in the world. Variety of crops are grown in India India ranks first in milk production, and second in fruits and vegetable production in the world. India has the best climate for growing variety of crops. All these make india the best country for agriculture in the world.

Sara Hopkins answered 8 months ago

Although everyoneis not happy with china due to the recent corona crises, but i think china has made a huge progress in agriculture. As far as my knowledge goes, china has a less than 50 percent of their total area suitable for agricilture still they do agriculture in such a manner that they are able to feed their ever growing population.
The fact that china ranks forst in wheat, rice, fruits and vegetables production i think china os a leading country in world agriculture

Sanket answered 8 months ago

I have read all views here…however, i fail to understand, how a country like USA which is so popular in agroculture is left our here.

I think due to to the vast progress in agriculture and very much research scope, USA is the best country in terms of agriculture research.

Paulo answered 8 months ago

Brazil has agriculture as its principal base.
The Southern Brazil is very fertile and properly irrigated for farming.
It is the largest exporter of sugarcane, coffee, soybeans, corn, vegetables, frozen chicken, beef and ethanol (crop-based) which makes it the bread-basket of the world
So, i think brazil is the best country in agriculture in the world

Abraham answered 8 months ago

I think, liberia is a country which has done great progress in agriculture.
Liberia is one of the countries whose economy took a leap as a result of their investment in the agricultural sector.
Approximately 80% of the West African countries’ GDP is hugely contributed by Liberia which makes it the highest in the world.
68% of Liberia’s employment is contributed by agriculture.
Though plagued by years of Civil War which has a devastating effect on it, Liberia was able to locate a region that is most favorable for agriculture (tree cultivation) and developed it extensively. As a result, rubber and oil palm are the main sources of their cash crops.
Over 35 000 and 42 000 tons respectively are produced and exported each year.

Florence answered 8 months ago

The best country in agriculture progress according to me is Australia..! Because of the following reasons
Australia exports much of its agriculture produce
Australia is ranking first in the production of wool
This country has only 6 percent area under agriculture but still it produces enough to feed the entire population and also export it
Australian farmers get very very less subsidy which is a sign of independent agriculture