What are some important facts about Sesamum in India?

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Hardip asked 8 months ago
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Gabriel answered 8 months ago

Sesamum is the oldest oilseed crop in India

Important sesamum gacts

It is taken as contingency crop, intercrop and mixed crop

India ranks first in area and production of sesamim in the world

It is a 70 to 80 day crop

Sesamum oil percentage is between 40 to 45 percent

Sesamum oil has good demand in national and international markets

Season and soil

It can be taken in almost all types of soils having good drainage

It can be taken in kharif, rabi amd summer seasons

In kharif it is sown in last week of june to first week of july

The optimum temperature requirement for growth of sesamum is 25 to 27 degree Celcius

Land preparation

10 cart loans of well decomposed cow dung manure mixed well in soil gives good boost to yield

Seed rate

Sesamum important facts

Seed rate of 1.5 to 2 kg per Ha seeds are used for kharif season sowing

Since seed is very small, it should be mixed with equal quantity of sand or ash
Seed treatment

Carbendenzim @ 3 g per kg seed
Trichoderma @ 10 g per kg seed

Some important varieties are

AKT 364, RT 346 for kharif season

AKT 101, AKT 103, PKVNT11 for summer season

N8 for Rabi season

Late maturing varieties like N8 take upto 120 days and have oil percentage around 47 to 53 percent


Ranges for 5 to 8.5 quintals per Ha