What are locusts? and why they are attacking too much on crops?

AgriFora – A Forum for All Agriculture Questions and Answers | Agristudent.comWhat are locusts? and why they are attacking too much on crops?
wasim asked 8 months ago

What are locusts? and why they are attacking too much on crops?

Hanumant Gulab Giri replied 8 months ago

No idea sir

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Nikunj answered 8 months ago

I am a student of agriculture and i like entomology a lot. Some very important points about locusts are

Locusts are insects like grasshoppers and belong to the family of grasshoppers i.e. Acrididiae

Locusts differ from grasshoppers in their ability to spread over large distances and can change their behaviour according to climates

Locusts are also called as swarming grasshoppers

When there are conditions of drought and rapid vegetation, the serotonin chemical level in the brains of locusts increases causing them to breed profusely and due to this huge breeding pattern they move out in search of food for large population thus destroying crops

There are many types of locusts such as australian locusts, brown locusts, Bombay locust, Red locust, American locust etc but the most dangerous is the desert locust

Desert locusts move in groups called swarms and one swarm can consists of 150 million locusts per square km

One square km of locusts swarm can consume enough food which is enough to feed 35000 people per day

The life span of one locust is 90 days
Locusts have a very high breeding ability in hot temperatures

Locusts eat only in day light. They eat food equal to their own weight

Locusts can be killed with organophosphates

The current problem of locusts in India is the worst in last 3 decades

The current problem originated in Iran where they have started breeding heavily in 2019 amd have migrated through pakistan to Rajasthan, Mp, Up etc in India

Drones with chemical spraying have been employed for control of locusts along with other spraying means