Is emu farming bussiness profitable?

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What Is emu farming? Is it profitable bussiness?

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Emu farming

Emu farming

Emus are birds which do not have a well developed wings (ratite birds) due to which they are unable to fly easily like other small birds

Examples of such ratite birds are – emu, ostrich, kiwi etc

Emu and ostrich are reared commercially in many parts of the world for their meat, oil, skin and feathers, which are of high economic value amd such rearing of emus is called Emu farming

In india, emu farming has become more popular then ostrich farming be ause emu birds are well adapted to Indian climatic conditions

USA, Australia and China are world leaders in emu farming

Features of emu birds

Emu has long neck, relatively small naked head, three toes and body covered with feathers Birds initially have longitudinal stripes on body (0-3 months age) then gradually turn to brown by 4-12 months age

Adult bird height is about 6 feet with a weight of 45-60 kg

Natural food of emu is insects, tender leaves of plant and forages. It also eats different kinds of vegetables and fruits like carrot, cucumber, papaya etc

Female is the larger of the two, especially during breeding season when the male may fast. The female is the dominant member of the pair

Emus live for about 30 years. It may produce eggs for more than 16 years.
Birds can be maintained as flock or pair

Economics of emu farming

According to economic sirvey on emu,  68 percent of cost was involved in purchase of breeding stock

The rest of the investments are on farm were 13 percent and hatchery were 19 percent

Feeding cost per breeding pair per annum was estimated to be Rs. 3600

Cost of production of hatching egg and day-old chick was Rs.793 and 1232 respectively
Annual feed intake per pair was recorded as 524 kg, costing Rs.3578

The cost of salable chick at day-old age was Rs.2500-3000


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