Crop insuramce
Posted in Agricultural economics Agronomy

Crop Insurance in India |

How important is crop insurance in a country like India? Crop insurance helps in stabilization of farm production and income of the farming community It…

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Blister blight of tea
Posted in Plant Pathology

Blister Blight of Tea |

Blister Blight of tea What is the causal organism of blister blight of Tea? Fungus called Exobasidium vexans What are the symptoms of blister blight…

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Weed shift and resistance
Posted in Agronomy

Weed Shift & Resistance |

Weeds are a menace in agriculture and if the weed population is unchecked then they can result in huge economic losses. There are various ways…

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Tobacco cultivation
Posted in Agronomical crops

How to do Tobacco Cultivation? |

Tobacco Cultivation – Instant Info What is the significance of tobacco? Tobacco contains chemical called Nicotine Human brain becomes highly addicted to Nicotine easily Tobacco…

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Seed treatment
Posted in Agronomy Seed Science

Seed Treatment |

  Seed treatment Seed treatment refers to the application of 1. fungicide, 2. insecticide or 3. both to the seeds to disinfect and disinfest them…

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Seed drying
Posted in Agril. Engeneering Agronomy Post Harvest technology

Seed Drying |

  Seed Drying Seed Drying means Lowering down the seed moisture content to safe moisture limits Seed drying is very important in order to maintain…

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Brinjal seed production
Posted in Seed Science

Brinjal Seed production |

Brinjal Seed Production Botany Brinjal is often cross pollinated crop Brinjal flower opens mainly in morning and A few flower open at 16 hr Anther…

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Tomato seed production
Posted in Seed Science

Tomato Seed Production |

Seed production in Tomato Botany of tomato Tomato is a typical day neutral plant It requires temperature of 15‑20° C for fruit setting Tomato is…

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Vanilla cultivation
Posted in Spices

Vanilla cultivation |

Vanilla cultivation   What is Vanilla? Vanilla is a perennial climber cultivated as a precious spice crop. It is a precious spice in the market…

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Aloe vera cultivation
Posted in Medicinal plants

Aloe vera cultivation |

Aloe vera cultivation What are the uses of Aloe vera? Best for skin treatments. Juice of aloe vera cures chronic constipation and acidity. Its juice…

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