Nutrient contents in fertilizers |

Nutrient content of fertilizers


Nutrient content of fertilizers

There are various fertilizers used in agriculture.

All fertilizers contain various nutrients out of which Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are considered major nutrients for plants.

Fertilizers are classified on the basis of nutrients they supply such as nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassic fertilizers etc.

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Given below are various fertilizers with their nutirnt contents

Potassic fertilizers

Muriate of potash (KCI) 60% of K
Sulphate of potash (K2SO4) 48–52% of K
Potassium nitrate (KNO3) 44% of K


Nitrogenous fertilizers


Ammonium sulphate 20.6% of N S 24%
Ammonium chloride 25-26% of N Cl 66%
Ammonium nitrate 33-34% of N
Ammonium sulphate nitrate 26% of N
Anhydrous ammonia 82% of N
Calcium ammonium nitrate 25% of N Ca 8.1%, Mg 4.5%
Calcium nitrate 15% of N Ca 34%
Sodium nitrate 16% of N
Urea 46% of N
Calcium cynamide 21% of N

Phosphatic fertilizers

Water soluble

Single super phosphate 16% of P
Double super phosphate 32% of P
Triple super phosphate 48% of P


Citric acid soluble phosphatic fertilizers

Basic slag 14-18% of P
Di-Calcium Phosphate 34-39% of P


Insoluble phosphatic fertilizers

Rock phosphate 20-40% of P
Raw bone meal 20-25% of P
Steamed bone meal 22%–30% of P


Compound fertilizer

Fertilizer N P2O5
Di ammonium phosphate (DAP) 18% 46%
Mono ammonium phosphate 11% 48%
Urea ammonium phosphate 28% 28%
Ammonium phosphate 16% 20%


Complex fertilizers

Fertilizer N P2O5 K2O
Complex fertilizers 17 17 17 MF
14 28 14
10 26 26 IFFCO
12 32 16
14 36 12
Nitro-phosphate-potash 15 15 15
Gromor 14 35 14

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