Aloe vera cultivation |

Aloe vera cultivation

Aloe vera cultivation

Aloe vera cultivation

What are the uses of Aloe vera?

Best for skin treatments. Juice of aloe vera cures chronic constipation and acidity. Its juice is anti fungal, anti bacterial and disinfectant.Juice of aloe vera helps to boost the immune system. It helps in body detoxification

What are the characterisitics of Aloe vera plant?

It is a perennial herb. Does not have a true stem. It has tuberous root system. It is male sterile plant so does not produce many viable seeds

Which is the variety of Aloe vera commonly grown?

Aloe vera variety chinensis is a commonly grown variety. Others are AL- 1, IC series

What are climatic and soil requirements of Aloevera?


Although it requires warm tropical climate, it can be grown in varied climatic conditions. Aloe vera is very sensitive to frost and extreme cool climates. It requires very low rainfall and therefore can be grown in rainfall deficient, dry and drought prone areas


Sandy soils or light soils having good drainage are best

What is the method of propagation, spacing required for Aloe vera cultivation?

The common method of propagation is root suckers or rhizone cuttings. 15 to 18 cms long rhozome cuttings or root suckers are planted at a spacing of 60 x 30 cms with two third portion burried jnder the ground. Generally, 50000 planting materials are required per Ha

How is manuring and iŕrigation in Aloe vera?


50-50-50 kgs mixture of NPK per ha and 15 to 20 tonnes of FYM per Ha is used


Immediate irrigation is used after planting and later on when there is too much drying period. Waterblogging shpuld be avoided as the crop is sensitive to water logging

How is Aloe vera harvested?

Economic life of Aloe vera is till 5th year after which field should be replanted. Economic life starts after second year of planting. Fresh leaves 3 to 4 are picked up in the morning time. In a year, generally 3 times harvesting can be done. Side suckers are also harvested to be used a planting material

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