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Potato Cultivation – Instant Info |

Potato cultivation

Potato is one of the most important food crop of the world. It is consumed on a large scale on almost every part of the world. It is used as a vegetable. It is also used for making of chips, halwa, gulab jamun, rasgulla, murabha, kheer, guzia and barfi etc. Botanical name of Potato Solanum tuberosu Family Solanaceae Chromosome Number 2n= 48 Origin South America Potato was introduced to India from Europe in the beginning […]

Ginger Cultivation |


How to do Ginger Cultivation? What is Ginger? Ginger is a herbaceous perennial plant and botanically named as Zingiber officinale The rhizomes of Ginger are used as a spices India is a leading producer of ginger in the world You may also like to read other related articles – Spices; Meaning, Uses, Properties, Importance | Spice crops; Classification | What is the climatic and soil requirement for Ginger cultivation? Climate Ginger grows well […]

Carrots Cultivation |

This video from provides information which is useful for carrot farming. It provides information like temperature requirement of carrots, soil requirement, irrigation, fertilizer management, popular varieties, interculture operations, seed rate, sowing time, sowing metjod, seed treatment, methods of propagation etc. This video is very useful for farmers for gaining generalised knowledge about carrot farming and students for gaining knowledge about carrots farming for exams  

Drumsticks Cultivation |


What are drumsticks? Drumsticks are considered as one of the popular tree vegetable especially in south India It is also known as Moringa It is also known as ben oil tree Economic plant parts are pods, leaves and flowers Botanical name of drumsticks is Moringa oleifera Family is Moringaceae with Chromosome number 2n = 28 origin of Drumstick is North west India You may also like to read How to grow colocasia? How to grow […]

Sweet Potatoes Cultivation |

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes farming techniques What are sweet potatoes? Sweet potato is very important crop in tropical and sub tropical region of the world It is staple food of many tropical countries Botanical name of sweet protatoes is Ipomoea batatas Family of sweet potato is Convolulaceae and Chromosome number is 2n =6x=90 Origin of sweet potatoes is South America You may also like to read How to cultivate okra? How to cultivate cow pea? How to […]

Colocasia Cultivation |


What is Colocasia? Colocasia is an important minor tuber crop Its duration vary from 4 to 6 months This is a plant is mostoy for inter cropping The Botanical name of colocasia is Colocasia esculenta having Chromosome number 2n =28 Family is Araceae and Origin is believed to be South Central Asia Which country is the largest producer of colocasia? Nigeria is the largest Colocasia producer followed Cameron What is the Importance of Colocasia? It […]

Cow pea cultivation |

Cow pea

What is Cow pea? Cow pea is a pod vegetable common in India It is having Botanical name as Vigna unguiculata and Chromosome number as 2n =22 Family is Leguminoceae Its Origin is believed to be India You may also like to read How to cultivate garden peas? – Farming techniques What is the importance of Cow pea? It is nutritive vegetable rich in protein, calcium, magnesium and other minerals It is used as food […]

Garden peas cultivation |

Pisum sativum

What are Garden peas? Garden peas are most commonly green and occasionally golden yellow pod-shaped vegetable widely grown as a cool season vegetable crop Garden pea is Botanically known as Pisum sativum It belongs to Family Leguminaseae and has chromosome number of 2n= 14 The origin of garden pea is believed to be Ethiopea You may also like to read  Okra / Bhendi / Ladies finger cultivation: Info at a Glance | Brinjal / […]

Brinjal / Egg Plant Cultivation |

Brinjal cultivation

Brinjal / Egg plant cultivation Brinjal is one of the most popular vegetables grown in India. It serves as a quick curry recipe for many households in India. A large number of cultivars differing in size, shape and colour of fruits are grown in India. You may also like to read Tomato cultivation Information at a glance Okra cultivation at a glance General Information Scientific name Scientific name of Brinjal is Solanum melongena Family Family […]

Tomato cultivation |

Tomato cultivation

Tomato Cultivation Tomato is one of the most important vegetable crops in the world. It is one of the common vegetable crops grown on a large scale in polyhouse too The major tomato producing states are Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Assam General Information for tomato cultivation Scientific name Scientific name of Tomato is Lycopersicon esculentum Family Family of tomato is Solanaceae Botany is an annual or short lived […]

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