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Aloe vera cultivation |

Aloe vera cultivation

Aloe vera cultivation What are the uses of Aloe vera? Best for skin treatments. Juice of aloe vera cures chronic constipation and acidity. Its juice is anti fungal, anti bacterial and disinfectant.Juice of aloe vera helps to boost the immune system. It helps in body detoxification What are the characterisitics of Aloe vera plant? It is a perennial herb. Does not have a true stem. It has tuberous root system. It is male sterile plant […]

Senna Cultivation |

Senna plantation

Senna cultivation What is Senna? Senna is commonly known as Sonamukhi, swarna patri, nilavakari, Indian senna, tinevelly senna. The botanical name of senna is Cassia augustifolia and belongs to family Leguminoseae. The plant parts of senna which are useful are pods and leaves They contain sennosides A, B, C, D which are well known for the preparation of laxatives and purgatives all over the world The country which leads the production of senna in the […]

Isabgol cultivation |

Isabgol cultivation

Isabgol cultivation What is Isabgol and what are its uses? Isagbol is called as Psyllium and scientifically known plantago ovata and belongs to the family plantaginaceae. It is important for its seed and husk which are used in various indigenous medicines It has the property of absorbing and retaining water (40-90%) and therefore it works as an antidiarrhoea drug. It is beneficial in chronic dysenteries of amoebic and basillary origin. The seed has also cooling […]

Ashwagandha Cultivation |


What is Ashwagandha? Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant whoch is used mainly in several Ayurvedic and Unani preparations. It is commonly known as ‘winter cherry’ Botanically named as ‘Withania Somnifera’, Ashwagandha belongs to the family ‘Solanaceae’ The plant parts of Ashwagandha which are used are leaves and roots What is the medicinal importance of Ashwagandha? Ashwagandha has two very important – withanine and somniferine Withaferine-A having antibiotic and antitumor properties Total alkaloid content in roots […]