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Different Methods of irrigation |

Irrigation methods

Different methods of irrigation What is irrigation? For details on what is irrigation, please refer our post – What is Irrigation? | What are different methods of irrigation? There are various methods of irrigation which should be followed depending on water avialability, type of land, type of climate etc   Various methods are given as under 1. Surface Methods of Irrigation Surface irrigation method means the manner or plan of water application by gravity […]

Sprinkler irrigation? |

Components of sprinkler

What are different types of irrigation methods? Please refer our post on different methods of irrigation – how to irrigate your crops with different methods of irrigation? What is Sprinkler Method of Irrigation? Sprinkler irrigation is a method of applying irrigation water which is similar to natural rainfall In this, Water is conveyed under desired pressure (2 to 5 kg/cm2) developed by a pump through a network of pipes, called mainlines and submains. Then from […]

Irrigation scheduling for crops |

Irrigation scheduling

  Introductory short Video on irrigation scheduling of crops What is irrigation? For details, on what is irrigation? refer to the following post – What is Irrigation? | What is scheduling of irrigation? Irrigation scheduling is a scientific technique to ensure correct time and optimum quantity of water to be applied to crops for optimum crop yields, maximum water use efficiency and minimum damage to soil Why irrigation scheduling is important in agriculture? Irrigation […]

Effective rainfall in Agriculture |

Effective rainfall

Effective rainfall in Agriculture The primary source of water for agricultural crop production in most parts of the world is rainfall Can all the water recieved through rainfall be utilised for crop production? NO..! You may also read other related posts  What is Water Budget of India? | Crop Water Use Efficiency | How to use poor quality water for irrigation? | What is effective rainfall? Dastane has defined effective rainfall as […]

Use of Poor quality water for irrigation |

How to use poor quality water for irrigation?

How to use poor quality water for irrigation? The quality of irrigation is determined by various indices like 1. TSS 2. RSC 3. Bo content 4. SAR etc. Please refer our related article on – Quality of Irrigation water Water can be a scarce resource in some areas which are arid and semi arid. Under such circumstances, water has to be utilized for crop production even if it is of poor quality. In such cases, […]

Quality of Irrigation water |

Quality of irrigation water

    What is the criteria to determine the quality of irrigation water? The criteria for judging the quality of irrigation water are Total soluble salts, Sodium adsorption ratio, Residual sodium carbonate, Boron content, leaching requirement What is meant by Total soluble salts? It is the most important single criterion of irrigation water quality Total soluble salts means the concentration of total salts which are soluble in given sample of water and is referred to […]

Crop Water Use Efficiency |

Crop water use efficiency

What is Crop water use efficiency? Crop water use efficiency is a ratio between marketable crop yield and water used by the crop in evapotranspiration How is crop water use efficiency calculated? Crop water use efficiency is calculated by the following formula WUE = Y / ETc Where, WUE = Water use efficiency in kg/ha-mm Y = Marketable crop yield in kg/ha ETc = Crop evapotranspiration in mm What is the unit of crop water […]

What is Infiltration?


What is Infiltration? What is infiltration? The process of entry of water into the soil by downward flow through all or part of the soil surface is termed as infiltration It is the entry of fluid from one medium to another What is infiltration rate? It is defined as the volume of water flowing into the profile per unit of soil surface area per unit time It is not constant over time. Generally, it is […]

Adhesion, Cohesion and Soil Moisture tension |

Adhesion and cohesion

Adhesion Cohesion and Soil Moisture tension What are the forces responsible for water retention in Soil? Hydrogen bonding accounts for two basic forces responsible for water retention and movement in soils These are Adhesion and Cohesion The forces of adhesion and cohesion make it possible for the soil solids to retain water and control its movement and use What is Adhesion? Adhesion besically is the force of attraction between the two dissimilar molecules Eg – […]

Water Budget of India |

Water budget of India

What is water budget of India? | What is a water resource? Water resource is the entire range of natural waters that occur on the earth regardless of their state (i.e., vapour, liquid, or solid) and that are useful to humans What is the water budget? A water budget is an accounting of the rates of water movement and the change in water storage in all or parts of the atmosphere, land surface, and subsurface It takes into account, […]

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