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Potato Cultivation – Instant Info |

Potato cultivation

Potato is one of the most important food crop of the world. It is consumed on a large scale on almost every part of the world. It is used as a vegetable. It is also used for making of chips, halwa, gulab jamun, rasgulla, murabha, kheer, guzia and barfi etc. Botanical name of Potato Solanum tuberosu Family Solanaceae Chromosome Number 2n= 48 Origin South America Potato was introduced to India from Europe in the beginning […]

Coriander Cultivation |


What is Coriander? Coriander is a minor seed spice having botanical name Coriandrum satuvum It is commonly used spice in apmost all kitchens in India and belongs to family Apiaceae Coriander is cultivated both for seed and leaves Origin of coriander is believed to be Medirerranean region What are the climatic and soil requirements for coriander cultivation? Climate It can be grown under tropical and subtropical conditions It requires cool climate in early stages and […]

Black Pepper Cultivation |

Black pepper

Black Pepper Cultivation – Instant Info Black Pepper Cultivation -Introductory Short study Video Black pepper is a very precious spice crop especially in India. Given below is all the important information about black pepper cultivation at a glance Black Pepper Cultivation – Comprehensive Information   1 Spice which is known as king of spices? Black pepper 2. Botanical name of Black pepper Piper nigrum 3. Family of Black pepper Piperaceae 4. Origin of black pepper […]

Turmeric Cultivation |


  We are all aware about the medicinal properties of turmeric and its importance in cooking as a condiment. Providing below comprehensive information about turmeric cultivation What is turmeric? Scientific name of turmeric  Curcuma longa The family of Turmeric is Zingiberaceae origin  South East Asia Turmeric is used as a spice or condiment condiment The edible part of turmetic is  Rhizome The main pigment found in rhizome of turmeric is Curcumin (1.8 to 7.9 percent) […]

Ginger Cultivation |


How to do Ginger Cultivation? What is Ginger? Ginger is a herbaceous perennial plant and botanically named as Zingiber officinale The rhizomes of Ginger are used as a spices India is a leading producer of ginger in the world You may also like to read other related articles – Spices; Meaning, Uses, Properties, Importance | Spice crops; Classification | What is the climatic and soil requirement for Ginger cultivation? Climate Ginger grows well […]

Greenhouse cultivation of Chrysanthemum |

Protected greenhouse cultivation of chrysanthemum

Protected Greenhouse Cultivation of Chrysanthemum Importance of Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum is grown for cut flower, loose flower, pot mum, hanging baskets and bedding and border plant It has become popular on account of its excellent vase life, wide range of flower colours and forms and lighter flower weight You may also like to read Rose greenhouse cultivation information Carnation greenhouse cultivation information General Information Scientific name Scientific name of Chrysanthemum is Dendranthema grandiflora Origin It has […]

Brinjal / Egg Plant Cultivation |

Brinjal cultivation

Brinjal / Egg plant cultivation Brinjal is one of the most popular vegetables grown in India. It serves as a quick curry recipe for many households in India. A large number of cultivars differing in size, shape and colour of fruits are grown in India. You may also like to read Tomato cultivation Information at a glance Okra cultivation at a glance General Information Scientific name Scientific name of Brinjal is Solanum melongena Family Family […]

Tomato cultivation |

Tomato cultivation

Tomato Cultivation Tomato is one of the most important vegetable crops in the world. It is one of the common vegetable crops grown on a large scale in polyhouse too The major tomato producing states are Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Assam General Information for tomato cultivation Scientific name Scientific name of Tomato is Lycopersicon esculentum Family Family of tomato is Solanaceae Botany is an annual or short lived […]

Ladies finger cultivation |

Okra cultivation ata aglance

Okra / Bhendi / Ladies Finger cultivation Okra is one of the most popular vegetables crops in India. It is liked both by children and adults The major bhendi (okra) producing states are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Importance of Okra The crop is cultivated for its young tender fruits, used in curry and soups after cooking It is a good source of vitamins A and B, protein and […]

Ripening, Climacteric & Non climacteric fruits |

Ripening, climactric and non climacteric

This article on Ripening, Climactric and Non climacteric provides information for answering various questions like What is ripening? What are biochemical changes taking olace in ripening? What are physiological changes taking place during ripening? What are climacteric fruits and non climacteric fruits? What are the differences between climacteric and non climacteric fruits?   You may also like to read – Fruit crops and their chromosome numbers at a glance What is ripening? According to Giovanonni, fruit […]

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