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What is mutation? Mutation is a sudden geritable changein a characteristicof an organism This sudden change has to be heritable The term mutation was coined by Hugo De vries in 1900 The word mutation is derived from the latin word ‘Mutare’ means to change You may also refer other related articles What is Selection in crop improvement? | How mutations take place? Mutation may be the result of 1. a change in a gene […]

Fruit crops – chromosome numbers |

Chromosome number

Introduction Fruits crops and their chromosome numbers varies in nature. Given below are various fruit crops with their chromosome numbers at a glance Also read our various related articles under AGRICULTURE AT A GLANCE Series Famous names of crops at a glance Botanical names of crops at a glance And many more…. Fruit crops and 2n = Fruit crops Chromosome number 2n= Mango 40 Guava 22 Papaya 18 Banana 22,33,44 Grape 38 Mandarin 18 Sweet […]

Totipotency |

It is the Cellular Potency The inherent potentiality of a plant cell to give rise to a whole plant is described as cellular totipotency This is a capacity which is retained even after a cell has undergone final differentiation in the plant body In plants, even highly mature and differentiated cells retain the ability to regenerate to a meristematic state as long as they have an intact membrane system and a viable nucleus This is […]

Methods of Minimizing Post Harvest Losses |

Method of Minimizing Post Harvest Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage It is based on the principle of maintaining an artificial atmosphere in storage room which has higher concentration of CO2 and lower concentration of 02 than normal atmosphere This reduces the rate of respiration and thus delays aging This method of storage is very effective when combined with low temperature storage Wax coating It is used as protective coating for fruits and vegetables and help in […]

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Importance of Topic from the point of view of exam- The  Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. In today’s era of modern research, more and more research is being done at cellular level. So, it is important that any student of science should be aware about the cell. ‘Cell and cell organelles’ forms a very important topic for any exam in agriculture. Questions relating to functions of different cell organelles, prokaryotic […]