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Mutation |

What is mutation? Mutation is a sudden geritable changein a characteristicof an organism This sudden change has to be heritable The term mutation was coined…

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Chromosome number
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Fruit crops – chromosome numbers |

Introduction Fruits crops and their chromosome numbers varies in nature. Given below are various fruit crops with their chromosome numbers at a glance Also read…

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Totipotency |

It is the Cellular Potency The inherent potentiality of a plant cell to give rise to a whole plant is described as cellular totipotency This…

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Methods of Minimizing Post Harvest Losses |

Method of Minimizing Post Harvest Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage It is based on the principle of maintaining an artificial atmosphere in storage room which has…

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Cell and cell organelles |

Importance of Topic from the point of view of exam- The  Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. In today’s era of…

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