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Pomegranate cultivation |

Pomegranate growing

Pomegranate farming is popular in the state of Maharashtra General information about Pomegranate farming Scientific name Scientific name is of Pomegranate is – Punica granatum L Family Pomegranate belongs to Family – Punicaceae Origin The oigin of Pomegranate is considered to be in – Iran You may also like to read – Mango : King of fruits Pomegranate – Countries and states Pomegranate farming is done in many countries like – Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, […]

Ber Cultivation |

Ber cultivation

Ber is one of a hardiest fruit crop. It is popular in India and is known as Indian jujube..! Botanical Name Ber (Zizyphus mauritiana L) Family Rhamnaceae Nutrition Ber is a rich source of vitamin C, proteins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. Ber fruit contain 13 to 20 percent TSS and 0.2 to 1.0 percent acidity. It contains Vitamin C (120 mg l00g of pulp), protein (0.94%), calcium (0.03%), and phosphorus (0.036%), iron […]

Citrus Cultivation |

Citrus fruits

Introduction Citrus comprises many species of economic commercially cultivated groups including lemons, limes, sweet oranges, mandarins etc. Economic Importance Citrus group of fruits are rich in vitamin C, A, B and phosphorus Orange is consumed fresh or in the form of juice, jam, squash and syrup. It is the main source of peel oil, citric acid and cosmetics which have international market value Citrus industry in India is the third largest fruit industry of the […]

Fruit crops – chromosome numbers |

Chromosome number

Introduction Fruits crops and their chromosome numbers varies in nature. Given below are various fruit crops with their chromosome numbers at a glance Also read our various related articles under AGRICULTURE AT A GLANCE Series Famous names of crops at a glance Botanical names of crops at a glance And many more…. Fruit crops and 2n = Fruit crops Chromosome number 2n= Mango 40 Guava 22 Papaya 18 Banana 22,33,44 Grape 38 Mandarin 18 Sweet […]

Date palm cultivation |

Date palm

Introduction Watch this short video Date Palm is a nutritive fruit rich in sugar and iron and predominantly seen in desert oasis The flesh contains 60 – 65 percent sugar, 2 percent protein, 2.5 per cent fibre, 0.4 per cent fat and 2 per cent mineral matter It is a good source of easily assimilable iron (7.3 mg/100g) and hence prescribed to anemic patients along with honey Botanical name Botanical name of Date palm is […]

Banana cultivation |


Watch this short video on Ultimate guide to Banana cultivation in India Ultimate guide to Banana cultivation in India is one of very important topics because Banana is one of the oldest fruit known to mankind and also important food for man. It is a Rich source of energy and provides 137 K. Ca/100g of energy. It is a good natural laxative and consumed on a lage scale by body builders to flush out toxins […]

Banana varieties |

Statewise cultivated different varieties of Banana are given as below Karnataka – Robusta, Rasthali, Dwarf Cavendish, Poovan, Monthan, Elakkibale Kerala – Nendran (Plantain), Palayankodan (Poovan), Rasthali, Monthan, Red Banana, Robusta Andhra Pradesh – Dwarf Cavendish, Rasthali, Robusta, Amritpant, Thellachakrakeli, Chakrakeli, Monthan, Karpoora Poovan and Yenagu Bontha Tamil Nadu – Robusta, Virupakshi, Rad Banana, Poovan, Rasthali, Monthan, Karpuravalli, Nendran, Sakkai, Peyan, Matti Assam – Jahaji, Chini Champa, Malbhog, Honda, Manjahaji, Borjahaji (Robusta), Chinia (Manohar), Kanchkol, Bhimkol, […]

Special Operations in Banana |

There are certain specific operations which are carried out in Banana crop which are responsible for increasing the quality and productivity of Banana These special operations are given as below You may also like to read our other related articles – Papaya Cultivation: Comprehensive study Notes; Brinjal / Egg Plant Cultivation: Info at a glance | Banana cultivation in India; Ultimate Guide Citrus Cultivation Disorders of Fruits and Vegetables with causes at a […]

Mango Cultivation |

mango is king of fruits

scientific name of Mango is -(Mangifera indica). It is Called as the king of fruits. It has been grown in India since ancient times. India shares more than 50 % of total production in the world. It contributes more than 35 % of the total fruit production in India. State which ranks first in mango production in India is Andhra Pradesh. While Uttar Pradesh tops area-wise. Soil requirement It requires a soil woth good drainage. […]