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Insecticide Poisoning |

What is insecticide poisoning? The interference of insecticide with human bodily functions after it accidentally enters body is called Insecticide Poisoning Poisoning can be mild, moderate and severe Disclaimer Readers may Please note that this article contains indicative information and not comprehensive. Doctor’s advise is a must in all cases. Do not blindly follow the antidotes and first aids given in this article without consulting the doctor What are Symptoms of mild poisoning? 1. Headache […]

Types of sprays |

Types of sprays

Pesticides application Techniques – Types of Sprays The pesticide application plays important role in pest management You may also like to read – Organic Farming: Plant Origin Insecticides | Classification of Insecticides | What are the main purposes of pesticide application technique? 1. Cover the target species 2. safety to the non target organisms and the environment What is essential for correct time of spraying pesticide? The complete knowledge of pest is essential […]

Bacterial Insecticide (Bt) |

Bacterial Insecticide – Bt More than 100 pathogenic bacteria were recorded of which Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.) is important B.t. is known as a bacterial insecticide and is now being using by farmers mostly on lepidopterous larvae. It can infect more than 150 species of insects. T he entry of the bacteria is by ingestion of the bacteria, which infect the mid gut epithelia cells and enter the haemolymph to sporulate and cause septicemia. Properties of […]

Plant Nematodes |

Nematodes pf plants

Nematodes in Plants: types, hosts and symptoms states information about various types of plant nematodes along with their scientific names and symptoms and will help in answering questions like 1. What are different types of nematodes affecting crop plants 2. What are symptoms of different types of nematode infested crop plants? Study of plant nematodes is very important since nematodes are responsible for causing crop losses in the range of 20 to 23 percent every […]

Bio – Control of Insect pests |

Bio control of insect pests

Bio control of Insect pests throws light on various aspects of biocontrol in entomology and will answer various questions like What is bio control of Insect pests? What are successful examples of Bio control of Insect pests? What are good qualities of parasites? What are examples of egg parasitoids and larval parasitoids?  How are different parasites classified? What is Biological Control? The successful management of a pest by means of another living organism (parasitoids, predators […]

Sorghum Stem Borer |

Sorghum stem borer

  Sorghum stem borer is one of the major pests of sorghum. Its infestation starts one month after sowing till harvest. This is ranked as the most important among the pests of sorghum and maize in India and is distributed all over the country. It also infests sugarcane, rice and Johnson grass. Also read – Sorghum Shoot Fly Sorghum Midge fly Scientific name The scientific name of sorghum stem borer is Chilo partellus Family and order […]

Sorghum Shoot Fly |

Sorghum shoot fly

Sorghum shoot fly Sorghum shoot fly is a major pest of sorghum. The pest is found distributed in India and West Africa infesting sorghum, maize, ragi, bajra etc. In cases of severe infestation of sorghum by this pest, the only option is re-sowing. Also read – Sorghum stem borer Sorghum Midge fly Scientific name of sorghum shootfly Scientific name of sorghum shoot fly is – Atherigona soccata Family and order of sorghum shootfly The pest […]

Integrated pest management (IPM) in Paddy |

  IPM Integrated Pest Management in Paddy (IPM) is an important part of pest management in Paddy. Too much use of chemical pesticides in agriculture causes harm to the ecological balance. So, the only way to control the pests in a balanced way is IPM Also read other related article Pests of Paddy: Comprehensive studu notes | What is IPM? There are many definitions of IPM, but the basic concept is the containment of […]

Biological control of Weeds |

Use of living organism’s viz., insects, disease organisms, herbivorous fish, snails or even competitive plants for the control of weeds is called biological control In biological control method, it is not possible to eradicate weeds but weed population can be reduced This method is not useful to control all types of weeds Introduced weeds are best targets for biological control  

Lac Culture |

Lac insect

Lac insect   One of a very important product which is obtained from insects is the – Lac. Lac has got a good economic value Like silk culture, the Lac – culture is the cultivation of lac insects for the production of lac. India is a very important country from the point of view of lac culture. In India, Bihar, Odisha, MP, UP, Assam, WB are important lac producing states. You may also like to […]

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