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Enterprise integration in Fisheries |

Goat fish integration

What is enterprise intergration? Bringing together two enterprises in such a way that the waste of one enterpirse acts as an input for other is called Enterprise integration. The main aim of enterprise integration is macimum recycling of organic waste. What are the different examples of Enterpruse integration in Fishery? Various examples especially related to fishery are 1. Goat – fish integration 2. Horticulture – fish integration 3. Sericilture – fish integration What is Goat […]

Herbicides: Advantages & Disadvantages |


What are Herbicides? The chemical or an agent which kill, inhibit the growth of unwanted plants such as weeds in agriculture are called Herbicides. The most important reason for increasing use of herbicides for weed control in Agriculture is Ease of application and saving in labour cost. What are the advantages of Herbicides? 1. Herbicides are relatively cheap, and most of the time cheaper than manual weeding. 2  They are easy to use 3. Herbicides […]

Niger: General and Cultivation info |

Niger cultivation

  Did you know ? that Niger crop is very quick surface covering crop and therefore is very good against weeds What is Niger? What is its importance? Niger is an oilseed crop It is grown as a minor oilseed crop in many developing countries having suitable climate for its growth. Nearly 2/3 rd of Niger production is used for oil extraction  It is used in confectionaries in India In western countries it is used […]

Crop Insurance in India |

Crop insuramce

How important is crop insurance in a country like India? Crop insurance helps in stabilization of farm production and income of the farming community It helps in optimal allocation of resources in the production process Agriculture all over the world is synonymous with risk and uncertainty. Agriculture contributes less 15 percent of the Indian GDP  butnhas around 49 percent population engaged in agriculture and allied sectors. Any change in agroculture has a multiplier effect on […]

Weed Shift & Resistance |

Weed shift and resistance

Weeds are a menace in agriculture and if the weed population is unchecked then they can result in huge economic losses. There are various ways to control weeds but as the weeds are controlled, they may show weed shifts and weed resistances. What is a WEED SHIFT? A weed shift is the change in the composition or relative frequencies of weeds in a weed population or community in response to natural or human-made environmental changes […]

Seed Treatment |

Seed treatment

  Seed treatment Seed treatment refers to the application of 1. fungicide, 2. insecticide or 3. both to the seeds to disinfect and disinfest them from seed borne or soil borne pathogenic organisms and storage insects Disinfection here refers to the deep seated pathogens Disinfestation refers to the pathogens outside the seed coat Seed treatment also includes exposing the seeds to sun or washing or immersing them in water Benefits of seed treatment Prevention of […]

Seed Drying |

Seed drying

  Seed Drying Seed Drying means Lowering down the seed moisture content to safe moisture limits Seed drying is very important in order to maintain seed viability and vigor Moisture in seeds may deteriorate fast due to mold growth and increased micro-organism activity You may also like to read – Crops and recommended seed rates | Seed Certification Agency | Brinjal Seed production | Seed and Seed Industry in india | […]

Winnowing |

Winnowing baskets

What is Winnowing? Winnowing is the process of separating grain from a mixture of grain, chaff and other impurities in an air stream from a natural or artificial source Where is the winnowing operation generally carried out? It is done on the threshing floor where the entire harvested crop is threshed How many people are required for winnowing operation? Usually more than oone person is required 1. One persoon for pouring the threshed material with […]

Water Budget of India |

Water budget of India

What is water budget of India? | What is a water resource? Water resource is the entire range of natural waters that occur on the earth regardless of their state (i.e., vapour, liquid, or solid) and that are useful to humans What is the water budget? A water budget is an accounting of the rates of water movement and the change in water storage in all or parts of the atmosphere, land surface, and subsurface It takes into account, […]

Irrigation |

What is irrigation

What is irrigation? | Definition of Irrigation Application of water to soil for the purpose of supplying the moisture essential for normal plant growth and development What irrigation does? It adds water to the soil for supplying moisture essential for normal plant growth and development It leaches or dilutes excessive salts in the crop root zone creating favourable conditions for absorption of water and nutrients by plants It softens tillage pans to make root […]

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