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Spday drift
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What is a Spray Drift? !

  What is Spray Drift? The airborne movement of spray droplets away from a treatment site during application of pesticides or insecticides in the form…

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Goat fish integration
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Enterprise integration in Fisheries |

What is enterprise intergration? Bringing together two enterprises in such a way that the waste of one enterpirse acts as an input for other is…

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Herbicides: Advantages & Disadvantages |

What are Herbicides? The chemical or an agent which kill, inhibit the growth of unwanted plants such as weeds in agriculture are called Herbicides. The…

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Niger cultivation
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Niger: General and Cultivation info |

  Did you know ? that Niger crop is very quick surface covering crop and therefore is very good against weeds What is Niger? What…

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Crop insuramce
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Crop Insurance in India |

How important is crop insurance in a country like India? Crop insurance helps in stabilization of farm production and income of the farming community It…

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Weed shift and resistance
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Weed Shift & Resistance |

Weeds are a menace in agriculture and if the weed population is unchecked then they can result in huge economic losses. There are various ways…

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Seed treatment
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Seed Treatment |

  Seed treatment Seed treatment refers to the application of 1. fungicide, 2. insecticide or 3. both to the seeds to disinfect and disinfest them…

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Seed drying
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Seed Drying |

  Seed Drying Seed Drying means Lowering down the seed moisture content to safe moisture limits Seed drying is very important in order to maintain…

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Winnowing baskets
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Winnowing |

What is Winnowing? Winnowing is the process of separating grain from a mixture of grain, chaff and other impurities in an air stream from a…

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Water budget of India
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Water Budget of India |

What is water budget of India? | What is a water resource? Water resource is the entire range of natural waters that occur on…

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