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Black pepper

Black pepper is a very precious spice crop especially in India. Given below is all the important information about black pepper cultivation at a glance

Black Pepper Cultivation – Comprehensive Information


1 Spice which is known as king of spices? Black pepper
2. Botanical name of Black pepper Piper nigrum
3. Family of Black pepper Piperaceae
4. Origin of black pepper India
5. Due to its high share (nearly 50 percent) in Export of spices from India, black pepper is known  Black gold
6. Edible part of black pepper is dried mature fruit
7. The country having Highest area under pepper is India
8. In India, the state having higest production is kerala -produces around 95 percent of total production
9. Highest export of pepper from india goes to which countries? USA, Canada and Italy (Nearly 80 percent)
10. Major limiting factor in very huge production of black pepper for India is Productivity of pepper is very low in India
11. Botanically, black pepper is a Perennial climber with shallow root system
12. The inflorosence of black pepper is called Catkin
13. Fruit type of black pepper is Single seeded berry
14. Majority of pepper varities cultivated in India are Monocious
15. Most popular variety of black pepper in kerala karimunda
16. Varieties released from national centre for spices research, calicut are shreekara, shubhkara, panchami, pournima
18. The varieties of black pepper which are F1 hybrids are Penneyur 1 and 3
19. The method of developing varities namely shreekara, shubhkara, panchami, pournima is selection
20. Panniyur 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are Improved varieties if black pepper
21. Variety suitable for white pepper is Workaiamarata
22. Country ranking first in production of black pepper Vietnam (34 %)

India (26 %)

23. The disease in which black pepper is used for treatment Malaria
24. Type of climate required by pepper warm and humid
25. Optimum temperature required for pepper 25 to 35 degree Celcius
26. Rainfall required by black pepper 125 to 200 cms annually
27. Major componet of soil which is requred for good growth of pepper is Organic matter
28 Soil ph for pepper should be 6 to 6.5

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29. Method of commercial propagation of black pepper Vegetative method by Stem cuttings of runner shoots
30. Why seeds are not used for propagation in pepper? Because of very late bearing and to prevent development of variations
31. Variety suitable for growing in shade Ballankottah
32. The economic yield of pepper starts from 3rd or 4th year
33. Flowering of vines takes place in thr months of May to june
34. Period in months from flowering to ripening stage 7 to 8 months
35. Harvesting period of black pepper is from November to january
36. Stage of harvesting for white pepper When berries turn bright orange
37 The important intercultural operations followed in black pepper cultivation are mulching and earthing up
38. important pests of black pepper are Flea beetle and scale insect
39. For control of flea beetle and scale insect Spraying of recommended dosage of Dimecron 85 RC at 12 to 15 days interval
40 dieases found in black pepper Slow wilt and quick wilt
41. Harvesting sign of black pepper is When any one berry in cluster shows scarlet red colour
42. Average yield of pepper 2 to 3 kg of berries per vine per year
43. recovery percentage of white pepper is generally 25 percent
44. Recovery percentage for black pepper is generally 33 percent but it is higher in some improved varieties
45. stage of harvesting for black pepper younger stage
46. The life cycle of pepper vine is 25 years
47. The yield of black pepper from 7 to 8 year full grown vine for one ha is 275 kgs
48. Moisture percentage in dried black pepper 10 to 15 percent
49. The two methods of processing pepper for white pepper (skin and pulp removed form black pepper) boiling method and water seeping method

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Which of the following is the origin of black pepper?

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Which of the following intercultural operations are carried out in black pepper

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Which of the following is known as black gold due to its high export percentage

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Shrekara, shubhkara, pournima and panchami varieties developed by _______method

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Which of the following is present in pepper

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Which of the following statements regarding pepper is not true

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What is recovery percentage of dry black pepper

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Which country in the world is the largest producer of black pepper?

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Black pepper is propogated commercially through

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Which state in India alone produces nearly 90 percent of total black pepper production

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Which of the following varieties are very popular in kerala

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Natonal research centre for spices is located at

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The period of flowering to ripening in black pepper is

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