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‘AgriStudent.com – Agriculture Information at a glance..!’ is a Knowledge-base consisting of Academic information on various concepts in Agricultural sciences.

The information contained herein can be very useful for students preparing for various competitive exams in Agriculture like ICAR, MCAER, Public service commission exams, ASRB exams, banking exams, ICAR – NET, and even degree level semester exams.

It is an educational website and can be used as a quick reference guide for finding updated information on various topics related to agriculture.

Each post on this knowledge-base website is written in a very simple and lucid language such that even people with no formal education in agriculture can understand the topic easily

The content on various topics has been compiled from more than one reliable sources

Information is arranged in a structured format and relevant categories. And videos / Infographics have been provided wherever necessary.

Posts are linked to one to another, ample videos amd images have been provided, making it a fun to read and learn

User can search posts by typing the keywords

This website can serve as an online library to Students, Scientists, Professionals, Farmers and anyone who is curious to learn about this fascinating field of Agriculture..!