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Spday drift
Posted in Agronomy

What is a Spray Drift? !

  What is Spray Drift? The airborne movement of spray droplets away from a treatment site during application of pesticides or insecticides in the form…

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Posted in Plant physiology

How does drought affect crops? |

What is drought? When the deficiency of water in soil and atmosphere is so severe that it stops plant growth, then this condition is called…

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Posted in Plant physiology

What is Abscission? |

  What is Abscission? Abscission is a complex physiological process marked by the changes in colour of the leaves, flowers and fruits due to degradation…

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What is senescence in plabts? |
Posted in Plant physiology

What is Senescence? |

What is Senescence? Senescence is a deteriorative process It is process which naturally terminates the functional life of an organ or organism It represents the…

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Posted in Animal husbandry

What is importance of Goats in indian agriculture? |

Importance of goats in Indian Agriculture Goats have various qualities which make them very useful and important in Indian Agriculture. They are – Goats contribute nearly…

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Posted in Statistics

What is food grain production target of India in 2021-22?

The overall foodgrains production target for the finamcial year 2021-22 is 307.31 million tonne whoch includes kharif and rabi season. Rice production tatget for the…

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Posted in Fruit crops Horticulture

Sapota : Climate & Soil requirement l

Sapota : Climate & Soil requirement what are climatic conditions suitable for Sapota cultivation? Sapota belongs to tropical climatic It prefers a warm and moist…

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Posted in Soil science

What is Soil Solarization? |

Soil Solarization Soil solarization is a broad-spectrum control method, simple, economically feasible and environmentally friendly. It is an effective method for the control of many…

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Esential fatty acids
Posted in Plant Biochemistry

What are essential Fatty Acids? l

Essential fatty acids Human body is unable to synthesize all fatty acids found in the body. Those fatty acids that are not synthesized in the body but…

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Posted in Latest in agriculture

Smut disease of onion – Interesting facts |

Smut disease of Onion The smut disease of onion is caused by Urocystis cepulae The main symptom is that the Black smut sori are seen…

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